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Intelligence at Network Scale

A Big Data Engine built for Network Data, built for scale, and built to extract the intelligence that is most valuable to you

Net-admins at Service Providers, Multi-Cloud enterprises or SaaS businesses rely on increasingly complicated network deployments. Talaia's Network Intelligence Platform provides you with the key metrics and in-depth information and takes away all the complexity by getting Machine Learning to do the hard work for you 

Flexible deployment, scaling as you grow

Our distributed, highly reliable - highly available platform is deployed in our own cloud running on our bare-metal servers from which we provide our SaaS solution, and we also can deploy this distributed system as an on-premise deployment for data-centers and large carriers


Get similar-to-DPI precision in  analyzing data traffic without the hassles of deploying and scaling DPI solutions. Our proprietary machine learning and big-data technologies leverage NetFlow as a data source to unrivaled precision in the networking industry.   

Complex network decisions made simple

As a network operator, every second of downtime counts and pressure amounts. We've designed every graphic and every dashboard to help you find the critical data first. System Wide Filters, Responsive Timeline Selection and quick View Switching help you move around hundreds of devices or subnetworks, finding issues in a very intuitive way.  

Talaia's Network Intelligence Platform Modules

Peering Analytics

Get DPI-like network intelligence with NetFlow. Get the data you need without the costs and scalability issues of DPI.

Traffic Intelligence

Get DPI-like network intelligence with NetFlow. Get the data you need without the costs and scalability issues of DPI

Threat Mitigation

From DDoS to Vertical port scans. Detect and mitigate threats in real time with sophisticated machine learning reaching Layers 3,4 & 7

Threat Mitigation

Network Intelligence Platform

What are the different modules?

Our 3 modules: Traffic Intelligence, Threat Mitigation and Peering analytics with their respective APIs is where you get all the functionality. The Network Intelligence Platform are the systems and technologies that support all of it. The platform and modules are available in our cloud as a SaaS service or can be acquired as a license for on-premise deployments.

Open APIs

Our demo allows you to explore Talaia's interface using a predefined, anonymised set of data. This data never changes, and you can use the demo to explore Talaia's user interface without making any changes to your own equipment whatsoever.

Cloud or On-premise?

Often times you need to retain control of your data – especially, due to regulatory issues. When designing our Network Intelligence Platform, we engineered it from scratch in a way that the on-premise version had the same functionality and flexibility than the cloud version we designed for ourselves. 

Data Retention

We provide custom retention policies tailored to your needs. Fast storage of raw NetFlow/IPFIX data and time aggregates, for querying and filtering purposes along with fast performance dashboards. With compliance and forensics in mind, we've implemented custom policies with up to 24 months of raw NetFlow storage and we can adapt to most scenarios and needs. 





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