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DDoS & Threat Protection

NetFlow/IPFIX — Behaviour Based Detection of Network Attacks such as DDoS and Port Scans, and Application Layer Attacks

A DDoS and Threat mitigation solution designed to be useful for network operators. A detection engine that is tailored to reduce false positives, along with a mitigation interface that simplifies complex decision making when under attack.

Fast Responding, Behaviour-Based detection

We start with high accuracy in all scenarios and then tailor between response time and certainty based on your needs. Receive realtime alerts, and apply our Smart Rules on your BGP Flowspec or OpenFlow Devices.


False Positives

We’re looking at individual IPs behind the traffic, understanding complex patterns using a wide range of parameters. The system starts learning after just 24 hours of analysis and you can also manually train it through time

Drill Down with Forensics

Quickly cycle through visualizations to drill into points of interest. Drill down through trillions of data-points in less than a second

DDoS And Threat Mitigation that you can actually use

DDoS/Threat Mitigation Rules

Since large DDoS attacks can come from hundreds or thousands of IPs, the amount of information can be too much for a person to process when under attack. When an attack is detected and you're alerted, we present you our smart rules, that make it easy for you to understand and decide if an attack is real or not, while being one click away from the raw-flow data should you need to further assess the threat. Our Mitigation Module was designed so that a human can actually take a decision, rather than blocking them with too much information at first. 

Types of Attacks Detected

Our anomaly detection engine can flag Layer 3 and 4 attacks such as DDoS, Vertical and Horizontal Port Scans as well as Layer 7 attacks or Bitcoin mining. Our Indicators Of Compromise (IOCs) database can detect potential malware and trojans based on traffic being exchanged with such compromised IPs.

Open Protocols for Device Integration and control

Once our Anomaly Detection has alerted you, and you have reviewed our Smart Mitigation Rules and applied them, they are sent to your network routers/switches and applied there by using BGP Flowspec and OpenFlow protocols. We are able to keep state of the rules and also measure the impact of each rule on actual traffic mitigated depending on individual device support. 

Cloud or On-Premise

We offer our anomaly detection and mitigation modules from both the cloud and on-premise. Both are built on the same, highly scalable platform - with the on-premise version you won't get a lower feature-set or lower capacity.

Multitenant Attack Access

Allow your customers or users to access their dasboards with their given scope, receive alerts and reports for such and send you a request for protection for your approval or allow self-protection if you've enabled it for them. DDoS protection can become an added value to your service proposal. 





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